Nearing the end of the season.

Champions 2017-2018!


Wow, what an amazing season it’s been for the Icehawks. Champions with 1 game left to play against the Bulldogs from Groningen. Groningen has always been a tough opponent for us, they tend to bring their strongest line-up with some more experienced players from the other Dutch divisions. Ever since the first title for the Icehawks was claimed back in 2010-2011 season, the Bulldogs always finished in a close second place. Making this a rivalry one to watch for the years to come.

Let’s take a closer look at this year’s season:
Away – Radboud Saints – 3-9
Away – Bulldogs – 2-5
Home – Buccaneers – 5-3
Away – Hijs Hokij Den Haag Fire Birds – 2-19
Home – Slapping Studs – 37-2
Away – Buccaneers – 2-7
Home – Thor – 6-2
Away – Thor – 0-9
Home – Radboud Saints – 5-3
Away – Slapping Studs – 0-5(*)
Home – Hijs Hokij Den Haag Fire Birds – 10-2
Home – Bulldogs – Match will be played 25th of March. (Puck drops at 19.30)
(*)Slapping Studs forfeited the game.

Let’s dive into the stats according to the NIJB website(*)

In his 3rd season as an Icehawk, our French center, Guillaume Pellegrin finished with 37 points, 17 goals and 20 assists.
For his first season, the Canadian, Brett Speed finished with 31 points, 18 goals and 13 assists.
Also in his 3rd season, the Dutch, Bart van Dijk finished with 26 points, 12 goals and 14 assists.
(*) 3 games are missing, stats will be updated!

We also got featured on whom wrote an article about us at the start of the season:

Directly after the sound of the buzzer in our last game we went live on Facebook to show the celebration and receiving of the Student League Cup, along with the medals. This also sent a tidal wave through the local ice hockey media and social networks. The local newspaper ( wrote an article about our victory:

We also got featured on Ijshockey Nederland again with a longer article:

Some of you might have already seen the videos of the celebrations on our Facebook page, most of our team was there to join in the festivities. For our foreign players whom already departed to their next destination, we’d like to thank them for joining us and wish them the best of luck in their new ice hockey adventures. This also goes for the players of our second team.

Speaking of the second team; they’ve had a rough road behind them playing three different teams from Joe Bar, friendly games against the Leiden Blues and Tilburg Towers. Let’s take a look at the current standings in their own Joe Bar Cup.

This weekend is the decider match if Joe Bar Rood or the Hawks will be in the finals against Joe Bar Junioren! Puck drops at 21.00 on Sunday the 11th of March.

Our beloved coach Roger Provencher got featured in an amazing article written by Cursor TU/e. (Both Eng and NL versions here: ) We couldn’t be more thankfull for our coach. I’m sure that all the Icehawks, both present and past, can agree that Roger never gives up. This is evident in the results from our second team whom have shown an enormous amount of progress. Going from a 13-3 defeat to a 4-3 victory against the same team!
Our captain Ian Coumans mentioned this in the article by Ijshockey Nederland “De ontwikkeling van sommige spelers binnen de club is ongelofelijk. Dat onderscheidt ons van ieder andere club.” (The development of some of our players within the club is incredible. This separates us from any other club). Having had the pleasure of Roger as an ice hockey coach he’s not only helped the future generation of Dutch ice hockey (Kemphanen U12-U16), but also improve the mentality of so many teammates who’ve been part of the Icehawks. He’s a living legend among anyone who’s been part of the ice hockey scene in Eindhoven. Just mentioning his name still brings a smile on the face of anybody who’s played with him during his pro career with the Kemphanen or even has the pleasure of having him as a coach during their youth.

Last but not least, this year we’re organizing our international tournament again! This will take place the 21st and 22nd of April 2018. More info here:
On April 3rd 2014 Juan Enrique López Carcelén passed away at the age of 24. To remember him, the Icehawks have decided to name their annual tournament after him. Juan joined our team in 2011 and was one of our best, most enthusiastic, most warm and friendly, players.
Keep an eye on the page for more updates!

Will the Icehawks manage to secure another title next season? We’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, there’s still some games to be played. The NSK is just around the corner, our own tournament, the Joe Bar Cup finals, etc. Keep an eye our on our web page and Facebook page, we’ll keep you updated with the results!

Let’s go Icehawks!
-Maarten B

Another 4 points for the first team, and a friendly game from the second team!

The first team of the Icehawks stays on top with two wins. The second team played a friendly match against Joe Bar White in Eindhoven. They played really well with some rookies gaining their first match experience. Although they played well the game ended in a 0-4 loss.

Utrecht Buccaneers @ Eindhoven. 12th of November

After two speedy goals by Brett Speed in the first period and another one in the last minute to complete his hattrick, the Icehawks were destined to win this game. The flow changed in the second period, just like the game against Amsterdam, when the Buccaneers scored two goals without repercussion. The Icehawks regained their play in the last period scoring two times but received a goal as well, ending the score 3-5 and 2 points in the pocket for the Icehawks. A hard fought win for the Icehawks.


Icehawks @ Hijs Hokij Den Haag Firebirds

The Icehawks went on a rampage this weekend and obliterated the Firebirds with an impressive 19-2 win. The first 10 minutes of the game the Hawks had some resistance when the score was 2-1. But soon after that 3 more goals were scored, followed by two periods of 14 goals for the icehawks and 1 against.

This big win has resulted in four Icehawks players in the top 5 players with the most points in the league!

Upcoming games:

7th of December. Exhibition game against Aachen University at the Uni Cup in Aachen

10th of December: Home game against Enschede Slapping Studs (21:00 outside rink IJssportcentrum Eindhoven)


Season start: straight to the top!

This autumn has been a good one for sports in Eindhoven; The Kemphanen are doing great, PSV is doing great and of course the Icehawks are doing great as well! 

foto van Rik Huijzer.

New rookies

The Icehawks are welcoming a lot of new players this year, 17 in total. We are happy to expand our diversity in the team with some new players from Latvia, Cyprus, Canada and many other countries. This being said, the Icehawks have reached their limit for this season regarding unexperienced players, for more info check the page ‘want to join?’.

First two games, first four points

The Icehawks have played their first two games of the season and have won both! this means we’re the only team in the league that hasn’t lost a game so far. Game reports after the Read More.

Upcoming Games

Next game is next week, also our first home game of the season against Utrecht Buccaneers. The game will be played on the outside rink and starts at 21:00, so bring your thermos!

Playing abroad

The Icehawks have been invited for an exhibition game against the University team “ICE-Emperors” from Aachen (D). They will play in an arena filled with 3000 spectators who are attending the UNI Cup tournament, an amateur hockey tournament and charity event.

Read more

Game schedule 2017-2018!

It’s time for a new season!

Hereby the schedule for the 2017-2018 season.

We hope to see you there!


PS: If you want to add the schedule to your agenda, here’s the link


Date changes:

  • Away from against Slapping Studs Enschede was moved from 24 February 2018 to 3 March 2018

Join us for the 2017-2018 season!

Big thanks to everybody who showed up for the Green Strip market yesterday. It makes us really happy to see that there’s so much intrest in icehockey!

For everybody that signed up for the tryouts here is some info, we will also send an email to everybody who signed up on the list. If you forgot to sign up you can still contact us via


Days: Monday the 2nd of October and Monday the 9th of October.
Time: 22:15-23:15
Start: 21:15 (Be on time!!)
Location: IJssport Centrum Eindhoven – Antoon Coolenlaan 3, 5644 RX Eindhoven

During the tryouts you’ll need: ice hockey skates, ice hockey stick, ice hockey helmet and ice hockey gloves. There can all be borrowed from the rink. The skates will cost 6€.

We’d like an email reply with:
1. Which day you’d like to join us: 2nd of October or 9th of October.
2. If you need to borrow any of the following: skates, helmet, stick, and/or gloves.
3. If you need to borrow skates, if yes, what size.

Make sure to send the email on time (at least 1 day ahead of time) otherwise we can’t arrange skates for you.

Most importantly be at the entrance of the rink at 21:15 so that we can start on time!

If you can’t make it on time for whatever reason you can call or text: +31 6 52033898 (Pleun – Chairwoman)


Dagen: Maandag 2 oktober en maandag 9 oktober.

Tijd: 22:15 – 23:15
Aanvang: 21.15 (Wees op tijd!!)

Plaats: IJssport centrum Eindhoven
Antoon Coolenlaan 3, 5644 RX Eindhoven

Extra informatie:

Tijdens de tryout heb je nodig; ijshockeyschaatsen, een stick, een helm en ijshockey handschoenen. Deze kan je allemaal lenen bij de ijsbaan. De schaatsen moeten gehuurd worden op de ijsbaan en dit kost niet meer dan €6.

Stuur een mailtje terug met:

  1. Welke datum je mee zou willen doen.
  2. Of je materiaal wilt lenen.
  3. Of je schaatsen wilt huren en zo ja welke maat je moet hebben.

Mocht je schaatsen willen huren, laat dit dan minimaal 1 dag van te voren weten. Als we hier niet op tijd mee zijn dan is de schaatsverhuur gesloten en heb je dus geen schaatsen.

Zorg dat je op de gekozen dag om 21:15 bij de ingang van de schaatsbaan bent!

Als jij der niet op tijd bij kan zijn dan kan jij ons bellen of een berichtje sturen naar: +31 6 52033898 (Pleun – Voorzitter)


Facebook events:

Icehawks keep up their streak

22-01-2017, Enschede Slapping Studs @ Eindhoven Icehawks

foto van Eindhoven Icehawks.

Since our game against Den Haag has been moved, the game against Enschede Slapping Studs was the first of 2017. This game was a clash between the number 1 and 2 in the competition, both very strong and packed with national and international talent.
First period ended in 5-0, securing a strong lead in the game. After that the match got rougher and a lot of penalties slowed down the play on both ends, resulting in 2-2 in the second and 2-2 in the third period. total score: 9-4 win for the Icehawks.

05-02-2017, Amsterdam Thor @ Eindhoven Icehawks

foto van Eindhoven Icehawks.

Amsterdam was difficult to beat in the away game, with the Hawks leading by 1 goal at the end of the second period. At first the Icehawks had trouble getting the puck out of the defensive zone, allowing Thor to control the game. Score was opened by a powerplay goal and after 10 minutes the pucks started flying in with goals by our Scandinavian tandem Könönen and Helcl Øverli. After the first period the game really slowed down, due to some injuries on our side, improved goaltending including some big saves by the opponent and a more conservative approach by our coach Roger Provencher to keep our net clean. An unfortunate tip-in resulted in an own goal and the last goal of the game. Total score: 6-1 win.

With only a few games left to play the Icehawks have set their sights on their third championship.


Half of the season is over: Icehawks stay strong at the top!

27th of November: Utrecht Buccaneers @ Icehawks

The Icehawks were playing well in this game, substituting the absent Victor Liang with our new Norwegian player Markus Hecl Øvili in the first line, who scored 6 goals. The game resulted in 12-0. A third shutout and fifth straight win this season.


After the game our coach Roger Provencher said the following about the game and the season so far:

“We played very well this game, but still have some points to improve on. We’re on the right track [for the championship] now and I hope we can keep up this level of hockey for the remainder of the season. Thanks for everything guys!”

photo by Sebastiaan van de Water,

2nd of December: Icehawks @ Amsterdam Thor

The Icehawks went to Amsterdam with mixed feelings, although Thor is currently in last place, they were able to win the game against Groningen. Furthermore the Icehawks had to play without some key players like Könönen, Machiels and Hecl Øvili. In the first period the Hawks had the upper hand, scoring 3-0. This changed after the first break, having trouble to pass the Finnish goalie and allowing two goals to be scored. The team managed to pull themselves together in the last period, scoring two goals early in the period and again on the empty net. Making the total score 6-3.

A reporter from folia wrote an article about the game (in dutch). The coach mentioned in the article isn’t our regular coach Roger Provencher, since he was not able to join us in Amsterdam.

Our next home game will be in 2017, on the 8th of January at the IJssportcentrum Eindhoven vs. The Hague Fire Birds.

Happy Holidays!

Further game stats after the read more.

Read more

Icehawks take the lead! Win against Nijmegen and Groningen

13th of November: Icehawks @ Nijmegen Saints: 0-18

The Saints are known as a team with a core of experienced players and therefore a difficult opponent. The Icehawks’ fast paced offensive players were not able to score until the 7th minute of the first period, due to the good goaltending and energetic forechecking of the opponent. Our first offensive line, (Könönen, Liang and Pietiläinen) really started finding the back of the net in the second half of the period and scored another 4 goals. The second period was slower with some goals from our second and third offensive line. Afraid of declining work effort and dangerous breakaways, like wich happened in Enschede, the Icehawks decided to push harder after the second break. Passing went better, powerplays were utilized and fatigue was setting in, allowing to score another 10 goals, resulting in a 0-18 win for the Icehawks, a second shut-out of the season.


20th of November: Icehawks @ Groningen Bulldogs: 3-7

A win in Eindhoven never means a guaranteed victory in Groningen. The long drive, some injured players and the flu season meant that the Icehawks couldn’t play full strength. The second line compensated for the weakened first line, with goals by Könönen, Machiels (2) en Van Basten in the first period, making it 4-0. After the first period our renewed first offensive line started finding the back of the net as well, but the Bulldogs managed to score on a breakaway. (3-1; Könönen (2), Liang). The game became more aggresive in the third period, locking up the game for the Icehawks due to the penalties. Groningen was able to score and again during a 3-on-5 penalty kill. The Icehawks took the 2 points home and have set their sights on the trophy!

Next games:
Sunday 27th of November home against Utrecht Buccaneers
Friday 2nd of December away against Amsterdam Thor

Current standings:



Sunday the 27th is what the NIJB calls “Super Zondag”, due to the finals for U12, U14 and U17 championships. These games will all be played in Eindhoven starting from 10:00 AM.  More info here:

If you want an awsome hockey sunday, make sure to be there on time! Both of the Icehawks teams will be playing that day starting with the first team at 19:30 on the inside rink followed by the second team at 20:30 at the outside rink!

The season so far…

Now that we’ve had two games behind us, we’re getting ready for the 3rd game against the Radboud Saints.

The first game was a good warmup round to see how the new members played together with the old against the Slapping Studs from Enschede. The game was won in convincing fashion with 0-11. (0-7, 0-3, 0-1), resulting in the first shutout of the season for our goalie Martijn van Maanen.

The second game was our most important home game of the season, against the champions of last year, the Bulldogs from Groningen. With our team fresh out of a win, it looked like it was going to be a very exciting game. It took 02:24 before the first goal was scored, after that they started adding up one after the other, resulting in a 17-2 home game. (8-2, 4-0, 5-0)

One of the refs got some footage from the first period and the first three goals.

First goal:

Second goal:

Third goal:

On the 20th of November, we’ll be visiting Groningen for the rematch.

We also have an amazing crowd that showed up to support the Icehawks, feeding them with energy after every play.  We hope to see everybody there for the next home game as well, the 27th of november against the Buccaneers from Utrecht. There’s already an even up on Facebook so go check it out!

After these scores these are the current standings:


If we continue to play the same way we’ve done in the first two games of the season the Icehawks look unstoppable and soon a 3rd championship trophy will be in our grasp.

Icehawks Games 2016-2017!

Hello everyone!
All the game dates have been published, here are the dates for our home and away games! All our home games are free, which means there’s no reason you shouldn’t come watch our games!

22nd October, 20:30 – AWAY
Slapping Studs Enschede vs. Icehawks Eindhoven

30th October, 19:30 – HOME
Icehawks Eindhoven vs. Bulldogs Groningen

12th November, 21:15 – AWAY
Radboud Saints vs. Icehawks Eindhoven

20th November, 19:30 – AWAY
Groningen Bulldogs vs. Icehawks Eindhoven

27th November, 19:30 – HOME
Icehawks Eindhoven vs. Buccaneers Utrecht

2nd December, 21:20 – AWAY
Thor Amsterdam vs. Eindhoven Icehawks

8th January, 19:30 – HOME
Icehawks Eindhoven vs. HIJS HOKIJ Den Haag

22nd January, 19:30 – HOME
Icehawks Eindhoven vs. Slapping Studs Enschede

5th February, 19:30 – HOME
Icehawks Eindhoven vs. Thor Amsterdam

19th February, 19:30 – HOME
Icehawks Eindhoven vs. Radboud Saints

5th March, 21:00 – AWAY
Buccaneers Utrecht vs. Icehawks Eindhoven

19th March, 19:00 – AWAY
Hijs Hokij Den Haag vs. Icehawks Eindhoven


Come show your support at our home games or away games!



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