The season so far…

Now that we’ve had two games behind us, we’re getting ready for the 3rd game against the Radboud Saints.

The first game was a good warmup round to see how the new members played together with the old against the Slapping Studs from Enschede. The game was won in convincing fashion with 0-11. (0-7, 0-3, 0-1), resulting in the first shutout of the season for our goalie Martijn van Maanen.

The second game was our most important home game of the season, against the champions of last year, the Bulldogs from Groningen. With our team fresh out of a win, it looked like it was going to be a very exciting game. It took 02:24 before the first goal was scored, after that they started adding up one after the other, resulting in a 17-2 home game. (8-2, 4-0, 5-0)

One of the refs got some footage from the first period and the first three goals.

First goal:

Second goal:

Third goal:

On the 20th of November, we’ll be visiting Groningen for the rematch.

We also have an amazing crowd that showed up to support the Icehawks, feeding them with energy after every play.  We hope to see everybody there for the next home game as well, the 27th of november against the Buccaneers from Utrecht. There’s already an even up on Facebook so go check it out!

After these scores these are the current standings:


If we continue to play the same way we’ve done in the first two games of the season the Icehawks look unstoppable and soon a 3rd championship trophy will be in our grasp.

Icehawks Games 2016-2017!

Hello everyone!
All the game dates have been published, here are the dates for our home and away games! All our home games are free, which means there’s no reason you shouldn’t come watch our games!

22nd October, 20:30 – AWAY
Slapping Studs Enschede vs. Icehawks Eindhoven

30th October, 19:30 – HOME
Icehawks Eindhoven vs. Bulldogs Groningen

12th November, 21:15 – AWAY
Radboud Saints vs. Icehawks Eindhoven

20th November, 19:30 – AWAY
Groningen Bulldogs vs. Icehawks Eindhoven

27th November, 19:30 – HOME
Icehawks Eindhoven vs. Buccaneers Utrecht

2nd December, 21:20 – AWAY
Thor Amsterdam vs. Eindhoven Icehawks

8th January, 19:30 – HOME
Icehawks Eindhoven vs. HIJS HOKIJ Den Haag

22nd January, 19:30 – HOME
Icehawks Eindhoven vs. Slapping Studs Enschede

5th February, 19:30 – HOME
Icehawks Eindhoven vs. Thor Amsterdam

19th February, 19:30 – HOME
Icehawks Eindhoven vs. Radboud Saints

5th March, 21:00 – AWAY
Buccaneers Utrecht vs. Icehawks Eindhoven

19th March, 19:00 – AWAY
Hijs Hokij Den Haag vs. Icehawks Eindhoven


Come show your support at our home games or away games!



Intro practice: Season 2016-2017

UPDATE: The Icehawks will not accept new applications for this season for unexperienced players. We will organize new try outs and introduction practices in September 2017.


Hello Everyone!

Are you intrested in joining the Icehawks this year? Would you like to join in on an introduction practice?
In that case, make sure to sign up by sending a mail to: and sign up on the Facebook event:

Wednesday 7th of September, 18:30 @ Ijsbaan Eindhoven (Antoon Coolenlaan 3, 5644 RX Eindhoven)

If you have any questions regarding the introduction practice, send us a mail to: or post a comment on the facebook event!

If you don’t have skates we can provide them for you, make sure to let us know what size! The costs for the rented skates is 5 euro’s.

1. Sign up for the training (by mail) and tell us if we need to get you some skates and/or stick.
2. Sign up for the Facebook event (optional).
3. Bring five euro’s to the training if we bring your skates.
4. Enjoy!

Let us know if you got any questions, Kind regards,


2015-2016 Home Games

Dear Icehawks fans,

The game schedule for 2015-2016 has been announced! Come and support your local team in their effort to renew the championship this season.

All games are played in the Ijssportcentrum Eindhoven (Antoon Coolenlaan 3) on sundays at 19:45h. No entrance fee!

18 October vs. Groningen Bulldogs

15 November  vs. Enschede Slapping Studs

13 December  vs. Den Haag Fire Birds

10 January vs. Nijmegen Radboud Saints

31 January vs. Utrecht Buccaneers

6 March vs. Amsterdam Thor


Introduction Practices! Join the Icehawks

Are you a student at Fontys or TU/e and do you want to try the fastest team sport on earth? Send us a mail at and sign up for the introduction practice! please include your shoe size in the mail if you don’t own a pair of skates.

The first introduction practice will take place on the 9th of september at 18:15 h and the second practice will be on the 14th of september at 21:45 h. Both practices will be held in the Ijssportcentrum Eindhoven, located at Antoon Coolenlaan 3.

Can’t skate? No problem. Our Canadian hockey coach has been teaching students to skate for over 3 decades.

Already an experienced hockey player? Send an e-mail to and join a regular practice.

You have your own skates? Bring them! Otherwise we’ll provide you with everything you need to join the practice.

E.S.IJ.V. Icehawks is the student hockey club of Eindhoven, affiliated to the TU/e and Fontys Hogeschool. Icehawks offers hockey on all levels, for beginners and advanced players. Our team consists of Dutch and international students, boys and girls. Besides playing the greatest sport on earth we also have activities like team weekends, bbq, team dinner and so on..

Still not convinced? Check out our video in the previous post!


(English below)

Om kennis te maken met onze mooie sport en vereniging zijn studenten welkom tijdens 2 trainingen van ons. We kijken ernaar uit kennis met je te maken op dinsdag 9 en woensdag 17 september.

Op 9 september begroeten we jullie om 19uur, we trainen dan van 20 tot 21 uur. Op 17 september zijn jullie om 20.45 welkom, we trainen dan van 21.45 tot 23.15. De trainingen zijn in het Ijssportcentrum Eindhoven, Anton Coolenlaan 3.

Mocht je zelf een stick, hockeygear (helm) en/of hockeyschaatsen hebben, neem deze dan mee!

Heb je geen eigen schaatsen? Dan horen we graag je maat en zullen wij deze verzorgen. Als er verder nog vragen zijn horen we het graag.

Geef even aan of je komt door te mailen naar

Icehawks is looking for enthusiastic new student members, whether beginner or advanced players. For a nice rate, you can participate in our training sessions 9th (@ 7pm) and 17th (@8.15 pm) of September.

In case you are interested in a training sessions or becoming a member, you can contact us at our email address:


Summer Ice

Reaching second place in both the National Student League and the two-day Student Tournament in Nijmegen, we have to keep practicing in order to improve for next season. Fortunately, summer ice starts today, 22:00.


It is with a heavy heart that we post this news… Unfortunately last Thursday, one of our members, Juan Enrique López Carcelén, has passed away at the age of 24.

Juan, from Spain, joined our team in 2011 and was one of our best, most enthusiastic, most warm and friendly, players.

News about this tragedy can be found here, on the website of Cursor, the news site of the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Our thoughts go out to his family and friends: our sincere condolences.

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