This year (2019), we will not organize the JC tournament.

This year we are doing something different: Our coach Roger Provencher is celebrating his 60th birthday and 20th anniversary as our coach. We will celebrate this with Icehawks Alumni and current members. We will also organize the National Student Championship 2019. We will keep you up to date on our website and facebook page about both tournaments. Information about last year’s tournament is below:

Welcome to the JUAN CARCELEN Icehawks Tournament 2018

On April 3rd 2014 Juan Enrique López Carcelén passed away at the age of 24. To remember him, the Icehawks have decided to name their annual tournament after him.

Juan joined our team in 2011 and was one of our best, most enthusiastic, most warm and friendly, players. Juan was born in Madrid and studied Industrial Engineering at the University Carlos III in that city. 

We want to thank all the participants for a wonderfull weekend full of hockey and fun! Next year the tournament will be a bit different than this year, since our coach and trainer Roger is celebrating his 60th birthday and 20 year anniversary as coach for the Icehawks. More info about that next year! Expect lots of former Icehawks!

Final standings 2018

1. Tatran Czechoslovakia (NL/CZ/SK)
2. Latvian Hawks (IE/LV)
3. Enschede Slapping Studs (NL),
4. London Imperial Devils, (GB)
5. Tilburg Towers (NL)
6. Icehawks Eindhoven
7. Leiden Blues (NL)

General info & Rules

This year (2018) the Icehawks organize their annual tournament on 21-22nd of April at the IJssportcentrum Eindhoven. The weekend will be all about playing the greatest sport on earth, having fun and meeting other players from the Netherlands and abroad .The level of play will range from beginners to recreational players. Higher level teams (Dutch division II or higher) will not be banned but this tournament is more about having fun on the ice than competition.

We play according IIHF rules with some additions:

Body checking will not be allowed during the tournament. This means that the players are allowed to have contact when playing for the puck (two players leaning in to each other on the ice or near the boards), but checking is not allowed (deliberatly going for the opponent’s body).
Games are played non stoppage time and without Icing. Winner of a game gets 2 points, if a game is tied both teams get 1 point. loss of a game results in 0 points. If at the end, teams are tied in points, the team with the best mutual game results wins. If that is tied as well, the team with the highest goal differential wins. If that is tied as well, the organisation decides.

Participants from previous years

Joe Bar Eindhoven
Latvian Hawks (LV, IE)
London Imperial Devils, (GB)
The Kittens (US, B, NL mixed)
Midnight Mooners Eindhoven
Vikings Freiburg e.V., (D)
FTVS UK Bratislava (SK)
Daredevils Den Bosch (NL)
Zürich University (CH)
Tatran Czechoslovakia (NL/CZ/SK)
Prague Technical University (CZ)
Thor Amsterdam (NL)
Majadahonda Ice Hockey Madrid (E)
München Technical University (D)
Groningen Bulldogs (NL)
Braunschweig Technical College Icecubes (D)


For more details, like addresses and detailed game schedule, look below

23:30 Sleeping venue opens

8:00 Sleeping venue closes
11:00 Arrival at the rink.
12:00 – 18:00 Games (see schedule below)
19:00 BBQ at St. Peppers bar (see below for detailed information)
23:30 Sleeping venue opens (Student Sports Centre)

8:00 leaving the sleeping venue
9:00 arrival at icerink
10:00 – 16:00 Games
16:00 Award ceremony for all the teams
17:00 End of tournament

Subscription and contact

<Subscription for this year is closed>

You can subscribe your team by sending an e-mail before February 15th to Please include the following:

Team Name
Number of team members
Place to sleep? YES/NO
Team Captain Name
Team Captain Cell number


The costs for the tournament will be €500 per team. This includes a place to sleep on Friday and Saturday, a bbq on Saturday, breakfast and lunch during the tournament days (Saturday and Sunday).

We only accept bank transfer to our account, paying cash is not possible.
Please put the name of your team and “Tournament 2018” in the description
iban: NL15INGB0005725175
name: ESIJV Icehawks
extra for foreign accounts:
Bank address:
ING Bank N.V.
Foreign Operations
PO Box 1800
1000 BV Amsterdam

The rink

There is free parking at the rink. Your hockey gear will be stored at the rink on Friday night and Saturday night. This rink is considered one of the best rinks in the Netherlands. It hosted several World Championships (div Ib) in the past. Every team gets it’s own dressing room for the weekend. There is a possibility for female players to get a seperate dressing room/shower.

The sleeping venue

This year we will sleep at the Student Sports Centre Eindhoven. The SSC is located on the campus, aprox. 30 minutes walking distance from the entertainment district (or 5 min. in a taxi). Please take note of these rules:

  • No drugs or alcohol allowed in the SSC, especially bringing glass into the sports centre is strictly forbidden.
  • No partying at SSC after 23:30, it’s only for sleeping so keep quiet on arrival
  • The sports facility is being used until 23:30, after that you can enter the sleeping venue and prepare your bed. Before that it is possible to sit and have a drink in the bar at the SSC (which closes at 23:30)
  • You have to leave before 8:00 in the morning.
  • The security staff of the university will watch the sleeping place, if you behave badly they might kick you out and you will have to roam the streets for the night or try to convince a handsome dutch girl/boy to take you home.
  • BRING YOUR OWN SLEEPING GEAR! Mattress, pillow, sleeping bag

We are trying to arrange that you can leave your sleeping gear during the day on saturday at the SSC.

Transport from and to the SSC

Best is to walk to the trainstation, then use the bus planner app on your mobile phone to look for your travelling plan. Destination is Antoon Coolenlaan 3, Eindhoven.

In Eindhoven, you can only pay with a debit card in the bus, costs are €4 for a single fare, or €6 for a day ticket. THE BUSSES DON’T ACCEPT CASH MONEY. If you have trouble paying with a debit card in the bus, there is a service desk at the central station. All busses in Eindhoven go from or to this trainstation.

IMPORTANT! On sunday the first bus leaves at 9:10 from the station (Line 16 to MMC Veldhoven), get out at the stop Nicolaistraat and you will be at the rink at 9:30. This is a tight schedule so make sure you get on this bus if you play the first game! (Latvian Hawks vs. Tatran Czechoslovakia).

Entertainment district and BBQ

Stratumseind is one long street with around 50 bars, clubs etc. Opening hours are until 4:00. Be aware that the legal drinking age in the Netherlands is 18 years. Glass is strictly forbidden on the streets. ID is mandatory in most of the bars.

The BBQ will be hosted at one of the bars on Stratumseind: Sgt. Peppers. Address: Stratumseind 49, Eindhoven. The teams will be provided with bracelets to identify as a tournament player during the BBQ and getting a sweet deal on beer as well at Sgt. Peppers.

Important phone numbers

Taxi number: 0031 40 2443333 (Cibatax)

Ice rink number:  0031 40 2381201

Emergency (Police, Ambulance): 112

Game Schedule*

*might be subject to changes

DAY 1    21-04


12:00 – 12:20 Tilburg Towers vs. Tatran Czechoslovakia
12:25 – 12:45 Enschede Slapping Studs vs. Leiden Blues
12:50 – 13:10 Icehawks Eindhoven vs. Tatran Czechoslovakia
Resurface (15min)
13:25 – 13:45 Leiden Blues vs. London Imperial Devils
13:50 – 14:10 Tilburg Towers vs. Icehawks Eindhoven
14:15 – 14:35 Latvian Hawks vs. Enschede Slapping Studs
Resurface (15min)
14:50 – 15:10 Leiden Blues vs. Tilburg Towers
15:15 – 15:35 Latvian Hawks vs. Icehawks Eindhoven
15:40 – 16:00 Tatran Czechoslovakia vs. London Imperial Devils
Resurface (15 min.)
16:15 – 16:35 Leiden Blues vs. Latvian Hawks
16:40 – 17:00 London Imperial Devils vs. Enschede Slapping Studs
17:05 – 17:25 Tilburg Towers vs. Latvian Hawks
17:25 – 18:00 Time reserved for delays

DAY 2     22-04


10:00 – 10:20 Latvian Hawks vs. Tatran Czechoslovakia
10:25 – 10:45 Enschede Slapping Studs vs. Icehawks Eindhoven
10:50 – 11:10 London Imperial Devils vs. Tilburg Towers
Resurface (15 min)
11:25 – 11:45 Leiden Blues vs. Tatran Czechoslovakia
11:50 – 12:10 London Imperial Devils vs. Latvian Hawks
12:15 – 12:35 Tatran Czechoslovakia vs. Enschede Slapping Studs
Resurface (15min)
12:50 – 13:10 Icehawks Eindhoven vs. Leiden Blues
13:15 – 13:35 Enschede Slapping Studs vs. Tilburg Towers
13:40 – 14:00 Icehawks Eindhoven vs. London Imperial Devils
Resurface (15min)
14:15 – 14:50 time reserved for delays

14:50 – 15:10 Semi finals

15:15 – 15:35 Semi finals

15:40 – 16:00 Final