UPDATE 2017-2018: We have reached our maximum amount of unexperienced players. Please check back with us next year in September! If you’re an experienced hockey player send a message to the board (info@icehawks.nl).

Who can join the Icehawks?

Everybody who has a Sports Card from the TU/e or Fontys. Look at the website of the Student Sports Centre to see if you are elligible for a sportscard.

When can I join the Icehawks?

Unexperienced members can only join once a year in September. We accept new members only once a year to make sure that we can provide enough time on the ice for all our members, buy the new equipment in bulk and to adjust the practice to the growing skill level of our new members during the year.

Experienced hockey player?

Please contact us at info@icehawks.nl and inform if there is a possibility to join the team.

Try-outs in september. Watch the site!

Try-outs in september. Watch the site!