We are the Eindhoven Student Icehockey Association (in Dutch “Eindhoven Studenten IJshockey Vereniging), “Icehawks”. We train and play our home games at the Ice Sports Centre in Eindhoven, at the Antoon Coolenlaan, which has one of the best rinks in The Netherlands.

Ijssportcentrum Eindhoven.

Right now we have three teams – one participates in the student league, another one plays in the second division of the Dutch championship and the third one plays mostly friendly games versus other teams in Eindhoven, Tilburg and Den Bosch. We also visit tournaments (both national and international) which is always tons of fun, because parties are of high priority as well. In recent years we have attended tournaments in Milan, Munchen, Aachen and Freiburg. A couple of years ago, we hosted our own international tournament, with teams from Germany, Norway, Belgium and the Czech Republic.

During the summer, there is no ice in the rink (because of the ridiculous amount of energy it would take). So instead we play inline hockey. Team building activities include a weekend away, a barbeque event, a New Year drink, and a visit to the cinema.

Icehockey probably seems like an expensive sport, because of the protective gear and sticks. However, we make it affordable for you. During your first year, you can rent your gear for 10 to 15 euro per month. If you decide to continue playing, you buy the gear for less money as you have already paid for part of it.

So.. What are you waiting for? Come and play with us!


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