For the new academic season, we are looking for new players. They can be the following:

  • rookies (people who have NO hockey experience or very little)
  • experienced hockey players who want to join our second division team where they can play the highest amateur level in the Netherlands
  • hockey players who want to compete in the student division where we play against other universities from all over the country

What we offer?
Practices: During the new academic season, we will have on-ice practices 4 times per week for a total of almost six hours on ice. Besides that, we ensure there are friendly (and of course competition) games during the whole season so that you can not only improve but see how far you have come.
Off-ice: Together with your teammates, you can train outside our ice practices in the student sports centre’s fitness facilities.
Activities: Besides being a team on the ice, we like to be a family so during the year we organise multiple activities, trips, parties, etc where you get to know each other better
Gear: For the player who do not have hockey gear, we provide full gear except skates and stick. This way we keep your costs extremely low

What will it cost you?
We have free try-outs, this way you do not need to invest in any way and can see for yourself if you like us, our club, level, etc. After that, if you decide to join us, we charge around 100euros per season. Of course, you also need a valid SSCE card and if you don’t have any gear the total cost of everything would be around 200euros for the season.

Sign up for a trial practice:

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