This autumn has been a good one for sports in Eindhoven; The Kemphanen are doing great, PSV is doing great and of course the Icehawks are doing great as well! 

foto van Rik Huijzer.

New rookies

The Icehawks are welcoming a lot of new players this year, 17 in total. We are happy to expand our diversity in the team with some new players from Latvia, Cyprus, Canada and many other countries. This being said, the Icehawks have reached their limit for this season regarding unexperienced players, for more info check the page ‘want to join?’.

First two games, first four points

The Icehawks have played their first two games of the season and have won both! this means we’re the only team in the league that hasn’t lost a game so far. Game reports after the Read More.

Upcoming Games

Next game is next week, also our first home game of the season against Utrecht Buccaneers. The game will be played on the outside rink and starts at 21:00, so bring your thermos!

Playing abroad

The Icehawks have been invited for an exhibition game against the University team “ICE-Emperors” from Aachen (D). They will play in an arena filled with 3000 spectators who are attending the UNI Cup tournament, an amateur hockey tournament and charity event.

Awaygame Nijmegen 3-9

Our first game was 7th of October in Nijmegen against the Radboud Saints. After 10 minutes Nijmegen scored the first goal but Ian Coumans evened the score 6 minutes after that. In the second period the throttle went to the floor and the Hawks scored 5 goals, letting in 1. The third period was a 1-3 win for the Icehawks resulting in a 9-3 win.

Awaygame Groningen 2-5


This Sunday the Icehawks traveled to the North for their encounter with the Bulldogs Groningen. The Bulldogs have been a big favorite for many years winning the cup or finishing runner-up. Besides that, a 2,5 h drive is never good for an athlete before a game. So this was a though one.

The first period remained without a goal until the last five minutes, with two goals for the Icehawks. The energy gained from the lead quickly vanished in the second period, and with a lot of penalties to kill (12 minutes for the Icehawks in a 20 minute period), Groningen was able to score two goals and make it even. The mood in the dressing room was bad during the second intermission, but our captain gave a inspiring speech and very early in the third period the Icehawks scored two goals. The rest of the period the Icehawks were (again) more present in the penalty box than in the offensive zone, but still holding on to the lead. The game ended with a last goal for the Icehawks. Final Score: 2-5 for the Icehawks!

After the first month, these are the standings in the Student League:


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