The main season is almosts starting again and we are already getting ready!

Most importantly we need reinforcements! We are looking for new members! Every year in september we host an introduction training for newer players to check out the sport. Some more experienced players can check out the club and ask qeustions. This introduction training will be hosted by our coach Roger. It will be on ice with skating and passing drills. If you like what you saw you can directly sign up for our club!

We hosted our first intro training last week, and it was a great succes with lots of people trying out icehockey for the first time! On monday the 25th of September we are hosting our second Intro training! Go to: to enroll for our second intro training! (check below for more info about our club)

More info about our club

When to join?

Beginners can only join in september/october (beginning of season). You can sign up for the intro-training that will be held during this time (above). Experienced players can join troughout the year.

Icehockey gear lease

We offer a lease plan for the icehockey gear that every new player is gonna need! This plan makes icehockey accessable for newer players without spending too much money in the beginning. After a year of lease you can pay of the remaining costs of your gearset and keep the full set for youself! For more info check this page.


Our club is an association from the Student Sport Centre Eindhoven (SSCE). The club is run by volenteers and a board that is elected by our own members. Multiple times a year a General Members Meeting (GMM) is held to discuss matters of the club (finance, competition, rules, etc.). Every member has the right to give his opinion and vote. Ideally the board would refresh every year,

If you are already convinced, email us at with your contact information!


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